​​​Phylogenetic and functional diversity of mcrA-encoding archaea in Yellowstone hot springs

Talk by Mackenzie Lynes in the Archaea Power Hour. Targeted at microbiologists and archaea enthusiasts. 15 minutes + Q&A. April 2022.

Cellular differentiation within multicellular magnetotactic bacteria

Talk by George Schaible at JGI's NeLLi symposium: New methods to study the uncultured. Targeted at microbial ecologists. 8 minutes. October 2021. 

Culexarchaeota: a novel thermophilic lineage with diverse metabolisms

Talk by Anthony Kohtz at JGI's NeLLi symposium: Updates on the Tree of Life. Targeted at microbial ecologists.  8 minutes. September 2021. 

Correlative microscopy approaches link identity, activity, biochemistry & morphology of uncultured cells

Talk by Roland during a Symbiosis Model Systems virtual gathering organized by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation (GBMF). Targeted at any microbiologists interested cutting-edge microscopy approaches. 13 minutes. August 2021.

Ecophysiology of uncultured sediment-dwelling microbes revealed by substrate analog probing

MicroSeminar given by Roland, hosted by the Early Career group of ISME. Targeted at researchers in environmental microbiology and related disciplines. 60 minutes including discussion. March 2020.

Hunting extremophiles in the deep-sea and Yellowstone

Undergraduate Research Symposium talk by Roland. Targeted at MSU undergraduates and prospective REU students. 15 minutes long. Sept. 2020.

Microbial ecology of extremophiles

Talk by Roland on International Microorganism Day, hosted by FEMS. Targeted at the interested public and undergraduates. 20 minutes long. Sept. 2020.

DNA-sequencing: A blessing and a curse

Talk by Roland in Murat Eren's 'Microbial 'omics' webinar on the limitations of relying on DNA-sequencing alone and the often undeserved hype around the human microbiome. Targeted at undergraduates and early graduate students. Roland's 15 minutes long presentation starts at 1h:10min.

The ABC of Microbiology

Disappointed by the commercially available ABC books for toddlers that either get things wrong or focus on immunology rather than microbiology (boooh!), Roland made a ABC of Microbiology for his son. 

BONCAT-themed slides for teaching and scientific talks.

These slides contain general information on BONCAT as well as a list of all microbial ecology related papers that used BONCAT. That list is regularly updated. Last update: November 2022

Feel free to use and share these slides. We ask to please cite our lab when using thesm. A DOI is listed on the first slide.

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