If you are a highly motivated prospective grad student or postdoc candidate, please contact Roland by email. Prospective graduate students interested in microbiology, astrobiology, ecology, molecular biology, and biochemistry are encouraged to apply to both the Chem-Biochem and Molecular Biosciences Program.

Selected past events

​Hatzenpichler ​Environmental Microbiology Lab

99% of microbes cannot be grown in the lab. We seek to understand what this "uncultured majority" is doing and how its activity shapes Earth's biogeochemical cycles ​and life on our planet.

Recent and upcoming events

Sept 6, Nick is awarded one of this round’s DOE Office of Science Graduate Student Research (SCGSR) awardsHe will spend most of 2020 as a graduate student intern at the Joint Genome Institute, which is part of Lawrence Berkeley National Labs (Berkeley, CA). At JGI, he will work with our collaboration partner Tanja Woyke on the project “Revealing the cellulolytic potential of uncultured hot spring microbes via a multi-omics approach". Congrats Nick!

Aug 19, New perspective article Unmasking common principles and practices for microbiome engineering co-authored by Roland is published in Nature Reviews Microbiology. Congrats to lead authors Chris Lawson and Trina McMahon! PDF

Aug 19, Will Christian joins the lab as our newest graduate student. Welcome to the lab!

​​Sept 1, we start our new NASA-funded project on the "​Ecophysiology of uncultured archaea in geothermal features of Yellowstone National Park". We are grateful to the NASA Exobiology program for supporting our research!

May 9, Anthony and George are awarded a Student Research Grant by the Montana Academy of Sciences. Congrats!

May 1, Mackenzie passes her candidacy exam. Congrats Mack!

Apr 8, Nick gives Thermal Biology Institute seminar discussing his use of bioorthogonal labeling to discover novel cellulolytic microbes in a Yellowstone hot spring   


2018, Nov 16-29, Research cruise with R/V Atlantis and HOV Alvin

Read about our deep-sea research

Read about the deep-sea dive

​Video: Alvin retrieves samples during dive 4999, AT42-05

​2018, Oct 31, Synthetic Biology Program proposal Optimization of Methylamine Conversion to Methane via Synthetic Biology accepted by the JGI. We are excited to work with PI Tim McDermott and Co-PIs  Brian Bothner and Hans-Peter Grossart on this project!

2018, Sep 26, new grant by the NASA Early Career Fellowship Start-up Program is awarded Development and application of novel bioorthogonal labeling approaches for studying microbial metabolic activity at environmental extremes



2017, Jan 1, the Hatzenpichler lab opens in the Chemistry and Biochemistry Bldg of MSU