Jun 1, Roland gives talk at Penn State's The Changing Microbiome's Symposium, State College, PA
​Jun 9-13, Mackenzie present poster at ASM Microbe, Washington DC
Jul 12, Anthony gives talk at Montana Biofilm Meeting, Bozeman, MT
Aug 7-12, Mackenzie, Anthony, and Andy present at GRC C1 metabolism, Southbridge, MA
​Aug 14-19, Anthony gives talk & George and Ashley present posters at ISME18, Lausanne, Switzerland
Sep 20, Zack presents at Extremophiles 2022 Conference, Loutraki, Greece 
​Oct x, Roland gives talk at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO
Nov 17, Roland gives talk at Harvard's Microbial Sciences Initiative, Cambridge, MA
Dec 13, Roland givers invited talk at American Geophysical Union meeting, Chicago, IL

Upcoming events in 2022

Recent and selected past events

​Hatzenpichler ​Environmental Microbiology Lab

99% of microbes cannot be grown in the lab. We seek to understand what this "uncultured majority" is doing and how its activity shapes Earth's biogeochemical cycles ​and life on our planet.

If you are a highly motivated prospective grad student or postdoc candidate, please contact Roland by email. Prospective graduate students interested in microbiology, astrobiology, ecology, molecular biology, and biochemistry are encouraged to apply to both the Chem-Biochem and Molecular Biosciences Program.

Sep 20 6, New paper in ISME Comm: Culexarchaeia, a novel archaeal class of anaerobic generalists inhabiting geothermal environments. ​Anthony discovered a new class of thermophilic archaea that, besides being generalists, have the potential for anaerobic methylotrophy.   PDF   SOI

Aug 10, Anthony wins poster award at the Gordon Research Conference on the Molecular Basis of Microbial One-Carbon Metabolism!

Congratulations Anthony on this very well deserved recognition!

Aug 8, New $1.7M award funds extension of our single cell physiology work into the human gut microbiome. MSU News article

We will soon hire a new postdoc or staff scientist and graduate students to start work on this exciting new project.

Mar 31, Just out in ISME Communications: George's first manuscript Correlative SIP-FISH-Raman-SEM-NanoSIMS links identity, morphology, biochemistry, and physiology of environmental microbes. Multimodal microscopy all on the same cell! PDF   SOI 

Jan 3, Roland is elected to the User Executive Committee

of the DOE Joint Genome Institute (JGI)

​Mackenzie and Anthony join the organizing committee of the Archaea Power Hour. Join the list-serve and register for the monthly online meeting or follow on Twitter.

Dec 22, George's correlative microscopy image of multicellular magnetotactic bacteria was voted to be the cover image of The ISME Journal in 2022! Thanks to all ISME members for voting for this image!

Dec 10, New paper by Viola: Microbial community response to polysaccharide amendment in anoxic hydrothermal sediments of the Guaymas Basin published! PDF

Nov 29, Roland presents on Next Generation Physiology approaches in seminar at the Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel, Germany

Oct 21, George gives short talk on correlative microscopy​ at the New Lineages of Life symposium, hosted by the Joint Genome Institute   Watch it here

​Sep 23, Anthony gives short talk on Culexarchaeales​ at the New Lineages of Life symposium, hosted by the Joint Genome Institute   Watch it here

Sep 16, George presents his research at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, MA

​Sep 1, Hatzenpichler lab and collaborators receive "Most Impactful Science" Poster award at the Joint Genome Institute User Meeting for our poster entitled "Methanogenic archaea and aerobic methane-synthesizing bacteria from diverse Yellowstone habitats"